Calm the Quarantine Chaos

Calm the Quarantine Chaos

As many of our kids are off from school and we are advised to stay away from crowds or larger gatherings, we find ourselves in a place most of us have never been. Yes, we have stayed at home, yes our kids have been out of school before, but we usually get to go on vacations or take them out to the movies, Chick-fil-A, jump parks, zoos, etc. However, right now with events being canceled, school canceled, establishments closing, and many people deciding to “self quarantine”, we need to find ways to pass the time at home. Below are a few Mom tips to help us weather the storm and calm the quarantine chaos.

Keep a Schedule

If you have children that should be in school, one really useful tip is to try and set a daily schedule to follow. It will help the day go by more quickly, keep your kids on task, and prevent them from getting bored as easily (not to mention, help save your sanity!)

Here is a sample daily schedule you can follow:

Learning Resources

Although we may be inclined to let our kiddos overindulge in things like video games and TV shows while they’re home, it is important to incorporate some learning time throughout the day. Below are some FREE learning websites to help your children get some academic time while they are out of school.  These are great resources for Summer break coming up as well. In addition to these sites, scholastic will be offering free subscriptions during this time. To access that resource click HERE.

Work it out!

I know it is a little scary to go to public places like big gyms to get your workouts in right now, so I have also include some great at-home workouts you can get done to stay on track with your fitness goals. They are simple enough and can be modified so you can get your kids involved too! Try doing the workouts together as a family to help the kiddos burn off some of that excess energy. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a nap or early bedtime out of it! 

Count Your Blessings

Above all, I think this extra time with our children and loved ones is a great opportunity for us to reflect on our many blessings and get some great quality time in together as a family. Play some board games, get outside and play ball or an old school game of “tag”, do some baking together, or simply read some books. Whatever it is that you and your family enjoy doing together, take this time to do it. With all the crazy schedules and activities we have going on, I don’t think we get nearly enough time to simply slow down and enjoy each other’s company. Sure there may be some extra noise and occasional brawls between siblings, but try to enjoy this small break from “the norm” as much as you can.

Last but certainly not least, don’t forget the wine!!

-Sandra H.


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