Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way

Halloween has always been my absolute favorite holiday.  There is something about the pumpkins, witches, ghosts, costumes, haunted houses, all the orange and black and the weather that makes me happy!  I LOVE Halloween!  Each year I can’t wait until October 1st for the spooky season to begin!  If there was one holiday I could pick that could last for weeks and weeks, my choice would be Halloween!  I love all holidays, but Halloween is a time you can be something you are not and have some fun with family and friends.  Some people like Halloween because it is their excuse to eats tons of candy.  Ha-ha!  I have never been a huge candy lover, even as a young girl, but for me, Halloween is a magical holiday!  I love all the fun and spooky traditions you can create with loved ones, plus the Halloween parties are fun to attend or put together!  What a fun way to celebrate a “spooky” holiday!  In my experience, Halloween brings family and friends together to partake in some scary fun.  Whether you are taking your little ones out trick or treating or going out with your friends, Halloween is always a time to gather!  

I know it may not be for everyone, but I really enjoy the thrill and fun in going to haunted houses during the season!  It is such a good laugh to watch your friends run and scream in their fake terror.  I also REALLY enjoy scary movies!  More specifically, I LOVE mysteries.  However, I am not of fan of horror and I don’t necessarily like the fact that Halloween is associated with so much violence and slasher films. Horror is not what I like, I like mystery and that’s what I think Halloween is about: Mystery and suspense!  It’s the season of fog and magic.  The season of gloomy days where darkness comes earlier often times with some drizzle here and there that makes you want to stay indoors with a warm cup of coffee.  It’s the season to visit some historic gravesites, revisit the past, and wonder if maybe someone is watching over your shoulder while you’re reading the inscription of a tombstone.  It’s the thrill of walking down a winding, dirt covered country road thinking, “are those footsteps I hear behind me?”  Now, do I want to be terrified and screaming in horror?  Of course not!  But it is always fun to do things that are eerie and get the blood flowing.

Halloween has so much history, many myths and personal beliefs associated with it, but I personally think a majority of people love Halloween because it’s that one day out of the year they get to dress up and step into character.  The costumes allow you to be something that you are not whether it is scary, sweet or funny.  Costumes can always make for a good laugh.  Dressing up has always been my favorite!  It is imaginative, creative, entertaining and so fun especially for the kids.  For me and my family, Halloween will always be a celebrated holiday.  The cute “spooky” kid movies, the silliness, the pumpkin patches, pumpkin carving and painting, lighting up the jack o lanterns at night, the decorations, the fun crafts and baking of ghost cookies together, and the annual trick-or-treating with family makes this holiday so fun and special.  With each passing year, my heart fills with joy over all the traditions and memories we make together. No matter how you choose to celebrate with your family, I hope you enjoy the season and have a Spooktacular Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! 

– Leslie


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  1. Awe I loved this blog! I’m at an age now where I just enjoy seeing the little ones enjoy the festivities this day brings. Seeing what they choose to dress as is always fun. Thank you for sharing your insight on this spooktacular day 👻

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