Never Apologize for Being Chingona


Never apologize for being Chingona.

Be the Chingona you are without apology. Because there will be people out there who will try to shame you for your strength, your style, your accent, your body, your everything.

Whether you’re wearing chanclas and cut-offs or tacones with your favorite jeans and hoops, walk tall and proud. You are pure fire and there will be those who try to shade your shine with a side-eye or the more blatant judgmental look from head to toe. Let the haters know you see them, shoot them a look right back and watch them cower to your Chingona Fire – that comes with NO APOLOGIES.

If you see a fellow Chingona let her know you see her. If you spot a gold hoop, popping red lip, Selena shirt or any other shine that reveals that Chingona edge, let her know you recognize and support her fire. Chingonas need to raise each other up because there are so many who aim to bring us down. Part of being Chingona is not backing down but also recognizing when someone is too weak for our strength and not worth our energy.

A Chingona can never be too fat, too skinny, too chichona, too nalgona, too risqué, too slutty or too bitchy. We are who we are with no guilt or apologies. To us, there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure, we like what we like with no shame. We own our bodies for what they are and we are the only ones who decide what will change or happen to our bodies.

Chingonas raise each other up but also say what needs to be said to our fellow Chingona but, we can be kind enough to say it over some tacos or pan dulce. Because amiga, if he or she does not appreciate your shine you have lost sight of your Chingona Fire and we are here to help you reclaim your Chingona-ness.

And watch out for that Chingona brow. Chingonas have the most eyebrow energy. Whether they’re naturally full or painted on, our perfectly arched brows will tell you exactly how we’re feeling and will definitely let you know when we’re not to be messed with. The secret to our mood is in our brows so approach a Chingona accordingly because like a chile we can be either sweet, spicy or both at any given moment.

Chingonas are ever evolving to the world around us. We roll with the punches and then punch back. We don’t let anyone stand in the way of what we want, and we aren’t shy about kicking obstacles out of our path. The Chingonas who raised us might say we are too Chingona but we know they’re damn proud of our brazen strength because they raised us to be proud of who we are and they love seeing us represent without shame.

So here’s to Chingonas, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.

“Yo soy como el chile verde.… picante pero sabroso.” – Chavela Vargas

– Risa


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