We Will Shine

We Will Shine

Why do women feel the need to compete with and belittle each other? This is something that happens a lot, especially in the workplace. I know I have personally seen it, and I am sure you have either seen it happen or have possibly experienced it for yourself. I have seen women gossip and talk terribly behind other women’s back more often than I’d like to say. I have had co-workers approach me to ask how to handle a situation where a co-worker was being harsh, mean and flat out difficult. I have seen co-workers refuse to be open minded to another woman’s suggestions and ideas, but more openminded when it is coming from a man. I have heard women call other women nasty names and even go as far as planning to sabotage the other. I have also personally been in the middle of two co-worker friends who did not like each other and proceeded to talk negatively to me about the other. This is a super uncomfortable feeling, and not a fun position to be in at all. 

Have you ever seen bad behavior from women at the office? Have you been alienated by another female co-worker or have you perhaps alienated one yourself? I think you understand where I am going with this… My point is simple: We need to start supporting each other in the workplace too! This women’s movement is about supporting other women so they can achieve positive results in all of their endeavors. Women need other women to inspire, uplift and support their pursuits and celebrate their accomplishments. I have seen some spectacular women who are amazing leaders and have shown beautiful support for their female colleagues at work. When I see these positive behaviors I can’t help but smile because it is such a great representation of what women should be like in the workforce and outside of it. These women set a great example for other women to see and look up to in the workplace. 

Regardless of your position or attempts to remain positive in the workplace, you will probably encounter situations with other women, and even men, that can be discouraging, upsetting and even hurtful. Here are a few helpful tips on how to rise above it and not resort to being that “woman” who is a negative influence in the workplace.

  1. Be Honest- Dealing with your issues at the workplace is important. I am not saying you should be mean and go attack another person when a mistake is made, but instead be compassionately honest by telling your truth while also maintaining kindness and professionalism.
  2. Take the High Road- No matter what don’t engage in the gossip of other women. Walk away if you see that happening. It will only make you look bad if you engage or even sit there quietly and listen as a passive participant. You will be guilty by association and could find yourself in the middle of a problematic situation, so your best bet is just walk away.
  3. Do not compare yourself to others- You are beautifully and wonderfully you! When you compare yourself to others, you are putting yourself in a position to feel inferior and create unnecessary negative feelings and emotions. When you focus on your own strengths instead of comparing yourself to others, you are taking care of your wellbeing and creating a good mindset that will put you in better positions and situations at work.
  4. Be the positive beacon- When someone is talking negatively about another woman, be the woman who encourages and teaches that individual how to be kind. Offer some positive points about the woman being discussed, and encourage that individual to focus on more productive aspects of the job.

Let’s continue to lead by example in this era of women empowerment both outside of work and in the workplace as well. We need to stop competing with one another and instead focus on uplifting and empowering one another. There is no room for jealously or negativity at work or outside of it. When we compete with one another and put one another down, we all lose. We must remember, there is room enough for everybody. When we support and help other women we rise too! I truly believe in that saying, “What goes around comes around”, so be a leader! Be supportive! Be kind to other women! Be that beautiful example for others so that we continue to grow together as women. When we help other women shine, we all shine!



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