Wholesome Pies

Wholesome Pies

If you’re ever in the Houston area I definitely recommend heading towards Generation Park near Atascocita and eating at Wholesome Pies. They serve really unique pizzas, great beers from local breweries and the best damn chocolate lava cake I’ve ever had! We tried the Elote pizza, which was essentially just like elote en vaso (Mexican corn in a cup) but on a pizza. It was delicious and just the right amount of spice; the sweet brunch of corn went perfectly with the drizzle of cream and cheese.  We also got the Classic Pepperoni for our daughters and we all loved it. The slices of pepperoni are large and flavorful and their cheese is delicious. The table has pepper infused oil you can drizzle on your pizza that is great but watch out because the spice can sneak up on you.

To my husband and I’s happiness they had a great selection of beer on tap from local breweries including one of my favorites, Saint Arnold’s Lawnmower. You can never go wrong with a crisp cold beer and a fresh hot pizza.

Hubby and I were still enjoying our food when the kids started to get a little antsy so we decided to order a chocolate lava cake with ice cream for them to enjoy while we continued to enjoy. Whelp, things didn’t go exactly as planned, the girls had a few bites but before we knew hubby and I had eaten almost all of it! It was just too good with a perfect blend of dark and sweet chocolate with vanilla ice cream. Can you really blame us?

Luckily, the staff was great and the girls walked around a bit in awe of the amazing mural.  The art wall representing H-town was amazing and I kept finding something new in the mural every few minutes, like the Houston Skyline, the NASA rocket with Astros colors trailing behind it, the Astrodome and lots of other fun things that represent the heart of Houston. Stop by and see what you’ll find. Just outside is a great grassy area for kids to run a bit and there’s also a heart wall that’s really great for pictures. Great choice for a fun family outing.



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